What is it about spring that bring out the worse in people?

Spring is supposed to be a time of renewal from winter’s long arduous wrath.  It’s a time to blossom and frolic in the sun all day long but, instead it seems as of late people are not feeling the effects of the sun’s welcoming rays.

During a weekend when you’d think everyone would be too busy smiling, 8 murders took place in my hometown.

Senseless violence done to innocent people.  Most if not all of the shootings this weekend were committed by someone under the age of 21.  That begs the question, what’s really good?

Is it that the youth have nothing constructive to do?  Is school not challenging? Is home life not that great?

What makes a child go out in the street and rob a 27 year old man of a prepaid cellphone, 7bucks and a pack of cigs?  Oh, did I mention said child used the phone to call his girlfriend?  That’s how he was caught.

It’s only 3 days into the spring and I’m not sensing the renewal.


~ by bewradley on March 23, 2010.

One Response to “What is it about spring that bring out the worse in people?”

  1. Somethings in this world can’t be reason so easily.

    It’s just a darn shame.

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