I don’t need another male friend

Collected like the sands of times, I have a lot of bros.

There’s nothing wrong with bros.  I have several whom I love and shall cherish forever but, at what point in a woman’s life does she not need to acquire one more platonic male friend?

Let me explain or rather take you on a ride.

1 source of my frustration.

Why is it that I’m often the coolest, most beautiful and fascinating person a man has met but, i always end up in the friend zone? I know some of you are giving me the side eye but, i swear i have no baggage and drama! lol

Over the years the scenarios have varied.

– i met a guy, we briefly date, things fell apart and he still felt like he needed someone as positive as me in his life…great

or my personal fave:

-guys i’ve known my whole life, come out and profess their love when they have girlfriends. wtf, am i to do with that?

With this new year i’m enforcing a new rule in Bewtopia…No new male friends.  I know by decreeing this every man will wanna be my friend but, fuck that! Tick tock the game is locked.

You know the most frustrating part of having male friends who have ebb and flow interest in you? The emo ass advice.  It’s like one moment it’s friendly and hilarious, the next it’s snide and curt.

As a way of relieving myself of said torment..no new male friends in 2010.

So if you’re reading this dear male reader, no we cant be friends.


~ by bewradley on January 7, 2010.

5 Responses to “I don’t need another male friend”

  1. I guess nothing more to be said. **walks away in disappoint** I get the point. *sigh*

  2. lol hush. i mentioned bros in this here post. :p

  3. Oh, this wasn’t a good bye to bros??? I guess I got to up my english comprehension. =P

  4. lol hush..i’m just not acquiring new dudes

  5. Agreed.

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