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But they call the current present an idiot..hmmmm…

What is it about spring that bring out the worse in people?

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Spring is supposed to be a time of renewal from winter’s long arduous wrath.  It’s a time to blossom and frolic in the sun all day long but, instead it seems as of late people are not feeling the effects of the sun’s welcoming rays.

During a weekend when you’d think everyone would be too busy smiling, 8 murders took place in my hometown.

Senseless violence done to innocent people.  Most if not all of the shootings this weekend were committed by someone under the age of 21.  That begs the question, what’s really good?

Is it that the youth have nothing constructive to do?  Is school not challenging? Is home life not that great?

What makes a child go out in the street and rob a 27 year old man of a prepaid cellphone, 7bucks and a pack of cigs?  Oh, did I mention said child used the phone to call his girlfriend?  That’s how he was caught.

It’s only 3 days into the spring and I’m not sensing the renewal.

Fave song of the moment

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Here I was thinking I was years late on this here song and lookie…they have a video!


Check him out, over at his spot:


Solace doesnt come in a bottle

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One weekend while I was recovering from an exceptionally stupid saturday it dawned me that I wasnt much of a drinker…anymore.

There was a time where I was that party chick.  I’d throw em back and rock out.  I’m now a wine or brew sipper.   It could be the fact that i’m tired of being captured in pics  hot, sweaty and inebriated. Or it could be my body isnt processing the sugar in alcohol properly.

Let me expound.  Depending on what I think  the overly liquor smell is nasty.  I’ve never been a proponent of the fruity drank but, I see why some drink them.  That just leads me to a bigger question for some…do they just drink because it’s par for the course to look cool while going out?

I’m off topic…

I really don’t know what i’m going to do if my life ever gets hard and i find myself needing a strong drink.  It won’t be whiskey, cognac or bourbon. Maybe it’ll be a six pack I can easily treadmill off.

Either way i guess if i hit rock bottom i wont be drinking away my pain.

A window seat

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Just because I cannot wait for this cd…

The best defense is a good defense?

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If anyone has had the awesome pleasure of dating (or trying to date) in this day and age they know that everyone is uber defensive.

Gone are the days of trying and putting forth effort.  I don’t know if it’s a coping mechanism but, it seems a good defense is what everyone has.  We’re so busy trying to stop the hurt, we can’t start the loving! Or even trying to build to get to the loving.

From the lonely brother to the lonely sister, we’ve all gotten so accustomed to hurt that it’s to be expected. Or worse, we become self saboteurs.   Sabotaging any and every dealing in our lives because, “eventually it always happens.”

As we all know, no two people are the same.  Having that knowledge, why would one think the worse of all situations? Aren’t you deserving of the focus and attention you give? Or is that we only get what we receive?

Personally I’m tired of the lackluster attempts at “getting to know me.”  Or the all too popular, “I’ll think i’ll let it fade.”

Often  we forget we were once the abusee trying to figure out why can’t the other person just, “be real.” Honestly what is there to lose?  Maybe the person you’re seeing is not meant for you right now but, by being shady or immature you’ll never know.

Don’t we all want the best?  If this is true, then why are so many of us so wrapped up in these “must have” lists?

I challenge us all to make genuine connections and be honest when there is none.


Out with the old and in with the new

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It’s 2010.

A new year filled with new possibilities.

I’ve heard various girlfriends saying how they’ve deleted all the old deadbeats out of their phones and how they wish to start anew. ( i always find this silly because then how are you to know who’s calling?) anyway..

Like clock work every year this occurs several times a year.  At the beginning of the new year, 1st of spring(spring cleaning) and right before the holiday stretch.

I wonder what the fall out rate is or the rate of chicks who actually fold.  Like the ones who are strong up until the point that a text comes across their phone saying “what’s up?”  I wonder how many of those women either do not text back, and when they fold what do they say?

The resolve is always stronger in the beginning of the mission but, about 2 weeks later you never hear anything more about it and you usually start hearing dudes name again.

On the back end I wonder if dudes knows that the chick is igg’n him.  Probably not because dudes these days are very sure to let you know in so many words you’re not the only one.


I lol.

Not saying I’ve never did this but, usually when I make this decision it’s for real.  I don’t go cutting folks off all willy nilly.

So ladies next time you get on your high horse be sure sure of your decision.

Interestingly enough the cliche saying also means something else.

I don’t need another male friend

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Collected like the sands of times, I have a lot of bros.

There’s nothing wrong with bros.  I have several whom I love and shall cherish forever but, at what point in a woman’s life does she not need to acquire one more platonic male friend?

Let me explain or rather take you on a ride.

1 source of my frustration.

Why is it that I’m often the coolest, most beautiful and fascinating person a man has met but, i always end up in the friend zone? I know some of you are giving me the side eye but, i swear i have no baggage and drama! lol

Over the years the scenarios have varied.

– i met a guy, we briefly date, things fell apart and he still felt like he needed someone as positive as me in his life…great

or my personal fave:

-guys i’ve known my whole life, come out and profess their love when they have girlfriends. wtf, am i to do with that?

With this new year i’m enforcing a new rule in Bewtopia…No new male friends.  I know by decreeing this every man will wanna be my friend but, fuck that! Tick tock the game is locked.

You know the most frustrating part of having male friends who have ebb and flow interest in you? The emo ass advice.  It’s like one moment it’s friendly and hilarious, the next it’s snide and curt.

As a way of relieving myself of said torment..no new male friends in 2010.

So if you’re reading this dear male reader, no we cant be friends.

Some days i dont feel like me

•November 30, 2009 • 4 Comments

I’ll look the same and act the same but, I won’t feel the same.

At times it seems I go about my day aimless.  You’d think coming off of such a jovial holiday break i’d feel differently.  eh.

I just want the fun me back.

where is she?